Welcome to the website of the Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care (PCPCC). We are an ad-hoc Committee of the House of Commons dedicated to promoting awareness of, fostering substantive research and constructive dialogue on palliative and compassionate care in Canada. 

Inspired by broad consultations undertaken in every region of Canada by Members of all parties, PCPCC’s work will culminate with a report urging specific policy action on a series of four distinct but related challenges:

Palliative Care


Suicide Prevention


Elder Abuse

Disability Issues

Please feel free to review our frame of reference for each of the broad issue areas listed above, or access a wealth of information concerning our mandate, membership, and history. Most importantly of all, you or your organization are strongly encouraged to participate in our national dialogue by appearing at one of several national and regional consultations or making a written or online submission. 

Universal in nature, the issues which preoccupy this Committee will touch the life of every single Canadian family.

We look forward to the privilege of benefitting from your invaluable perspective as we undertake to make Canada and even more compassionate and inclusive nation.